Pre Assessment

Why plant churches? What’s the point? Is it Biblical? Is it relevant today? Isn’t there already a church on every corner? Shouldn’t we focus on strengthening existing churches? Is it just the cool thing to do? These are all good questions. Not only do you need to wrestle with these yourself, but these are questions that you will need to be convinced of yourself and ready to lovingly share answers with others when asked.

The first step in the Pre-Assessment is to be convinced on the need to plant churches
Check out the resources below for some helpful articles and media addressing this issue.

After your convinced why church planting is important, then personal questions begin to arise. How can I be involved in church planting? Is this something the Lord might be leading me to do? Does church planting seem to fit within my gifting and desires?

The second step in the Pre-Assessment is to discern your participation in church planting

What are the requirements of a successful church planter? We need to be careful with what we mean by a “successful” church planter. To be successful with your life is to walk in humble, loving obedience to Christ. For some church planters this may mean starting and growing a church that reaches large numbers and by all human accounts looks to be successful. To others God’s plan may involve much struggle with little visible fruit. With this in mind we are not seeking a worldly view of success rather, we desire to be obedient to God’s calling no matter what it looks like.

Check out the resources below as well for some helpful self-assessments to aid you in how you think about your potential role in church planting.

The last step in the Pre-Assessment is contacting us

The reason Mission1618 exists is so that we can aid and help you in this journey. Let’s trash the kingdom of darkness together! Go to our Contact Us page so we can get the conversation started.