Many church planting processes stop after the Launch phase.  We disagree.  Our goal was never simply to plant a church, but to create a movement of church-planting churches. Healthy things reproduce. Our network is no exception. Each church is expected to, from their inception, “start a church that starts churches.” As a rule, we want to encourage all of our plants to start a new church by the time they are 5 years old. After that, we highly encourage our new churches to think of doing the planting cycle at least once every 3 years.

Even as a new church, how can you now be thinking about next steps to continue church planting?  Not for the sake of simply starting new churches, but for the continued accessibility and proclamation of the gospel in areas and to peoples who have never heard it!

Focus on leadership development

How are you raising up leaders within your church?  Our leadership development program is transferable, either completely or partially.  We would love to see hundreds of churches start their own church-based training pipelines.  Visit our Leadership Development Institute website for information and consultation!  If you’re local to us, our classes are available for you to utilize as well.

Be involved in our network

Our network exists to serve in the planting of church-planting churches.  Our network of churches meets regularly to learn, discuss issues, encourage and pray for one another.  We hold conferences to help between equip and train church leaders.  We have an online communication system that allows people to ask questions on topics and seek feedback on ideas.  We offer accountability to one another.  We provide coaching and coaching opportunities for pastors.  We hope to be a continued resource for those seeking to make a dent in their city for Jesus Christ.