The Accountability phase works in step with the Implement phase.  One of the biggest downfalls with many who seek to plant a church is that they assume they can do it themselves.  We wholeheartedly disagree.  I really value community, and believe that all personal development and even the planning for planting a church should happen in the context of community.

You will be held accountable

Sadly, we cannot make assumptions.  We can never assume that the gospel is continually gripping and taking ahold of your heart.  So, even though you’re doing many “Godly” tasks, never forget God Himself.  We will be asking you about your personal walk with Christ, and what living by the gospel is looking like in all areas of your life.

One such area that will also have heavy focus is your family.  The last thing this world needs is another go-get-er church planter who leaves his wife and kids without a husband or a father.  That is unacceptable.  How a man shepherds his family has direct implications on his ability to shepherd a church (1 Timothy 3:5).  So, you will also be asked about your marriage, pastoring your family, your balance between ministry and family, and your sexual/relational purity.

You will create a support team

Though you will have a coach that will check in with you, you need others to help you in this process.  These will be people who you will interact with regularly, who will see you at your highs and your lows, and will help encourage you and challenge you through the process.  These will be your “gospel friends”, if you will.  You will develop a team of at least two individuals who will be checking in with you on a more frequent basis, and will function more as that community to intimately walk this journey with you.  Your coach may check in with this team from time to time to hear from them their observations and insights into your development.