Though it might be self-explanatory, the Implement stage is when you begin putting your Plan into motion.  You begin tackling the goals set within your ILP and developing your church planting strategy.

You will be assigned a coach

Every approved planter who is going through the church planting process with Mission1618 will be assigned a coach.  This coach will touch base with them on a regular occurrence as to the process of their ILP and church planting strategy.  The primary role of the coach is to offer support, help, encouragement, and insight into a planter’s church planting process.

You will be focusing on development in the 3 Pillars

We believe that all leaders should be strong in and continually seek growth in three areas (in our terminology, the three pillars).

  • Biblical Thinking – One’s understanding and integration of Biblical knowledge
  • Christ-like Character – One’s consistency in living a life that reflects Jesus Christ
  • Ministry Skills – One’s ability to practically shepherd and lead effectively